In the event that you have been living under a non-wifi-connected rock for the past seven years I will provide you with a brief background. Philip DeFranco is a YouTube personality who has been active on the Internet since 2006 when he launched his first YouTube channel “sxephil”. Since then his following has grown tremendously, he has launched a variety of channels and as of July 24, 2013, his “sxephil” channel has earned 2.703 million subscribers and 1.12 billion video views. His “PhilipDeFranco” channel has earned 729,360 subscribers and 101 million views, and “SourceFed” has earned 1 million subscriptions and 390 million video views. DeFranco’s work in recent years has focused on the reporting of news combined with his interpretation of the events and how news displays these events.

In a recent collaboration with another Internet personality and sex positive vlogger Laci Green DeFranco said some troubling things regarding his views on women. From my observations DeFranco tends to be a relatively well spoken and intelligent individual but he disappointed many viewers in this recent video when he said he views most women as sexual objects when he was asked if he identified as a feminist or an MRA activist:

“I think a women has a right over her body, she can do whatever the hell she wants with it. But, I know deep down inside I’m looking at most of them (women) as sexual objects.”

When Laci Green asked him if he ever tried to fight that view and see women as people and not objects he replied:

“When a woman is my friend, then she is a person to me.”

Since the video came out the comments have been buzzing with conversation regarding DeFranco’s comments. Some people expressing their disappointment, anger, or defending him – it seems to be a mixed bag.





Honestly, I was just getting into Philip DeFranco and SourceFed and while I hate to let one video taint an entire person I don’t think that I can get behind someone spreading these kinds of views. While what he said may not seem harmful to many it is extremely dangerous. Philip DeFranco is idolized and looked up to by so many people and because he is looked at as more media than a regular vlogger, considering his news program, this gives him a certain responsibility to know his actions have effects on his audience. Which is exactly what is worrisome to me.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Did what Philip DeFranco say offend you or do you agree?



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    I guess at the end of the day, we agree to disagree. I’m with Phil. Of course, we view women as people with the...
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    I everyone does this, when we see something our brains make assumptions based on our environments and past experiences....
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    I guess there are aspects that can be viewed as sexist when it comes to the things Phil had talked about in that video...
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    I recommend everyone too read this. This is a prime example of the worst-case obsession that so many feminists have....

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